Anti Hazing Policy

Anti Hazing Policy

As set forth in the Student Organization Conduct Code of Truman State University 8.050.2.

Expectation for Student Organization Conduct Section 14: Abusive Affiliation.


14: Abusive affiliation, (hazing), which the law might recognize by the term “hazing” is any act on or off the campus of the University, that a reasonable person would find to endanger the mental or physical health or comfort or safety of a student or prospective student or member, or which results in the destruction or removal of public or private property, or which causes extreme embarrassment, or public humiliation, for the purpose of initiation or admission into, affiliation with, or confirming any form of affiliation, or continued membership in a student organization regardless of an individual’s consent to participate in the activity.


Acts of abusive affiliation include, but not be limited to:

14.1. Any activity which endangers the physical health or safety of the student or

prospective member, including, but not limited to, physical brutality, whipping, beating, paddling, slapping, kicking, choking, scratching, branding, exposure to the elements, forced consumption of any food, liquor, drug, or other substance, or forced smoking or chewing of tobacco products; or

14.2. Any activity that endangers the mental health of the student or prospective member, including but not limited to sleep deprivation, physical confinement, placing prospective members of an organization or group in ambiguous situations which lead to confusion and emotional stress or other extreme stress inducing activity; or

14.3. Any activity that requires the student or prospective member to perform a duty or task that involves a violation of the criminal laws of this state or any University policies, rules, or regulations published in University documents.; or

14.4. Subservience, including but limited to any activity which promotes a class system within organizations or activities, which facilitate inappropriate levels of authority over students.

Hazing also includes any additional acts included in the definition of hazing by Missouri law, which currently is set forth in Section 578.360, Revised Statutes of Missouri.