Are you getting ready to transition officers?

  • Keep records! Standardized forms. End of semester reports.

Officers could complete reports of their responsibilities over the past semester or year. This should include specific events or circumstances from the semester, as well as suggestions for improvement for the position.

  • Overlap Time in office

It can be helpful to hold elections at a time when the outgoing officers will still be members of the organization for a period of time. This will make them more available if new officers have questions about the position, or need advice on how to handle a situation they are facing.

  • Outgoing/Incoming officers meet at least twice

It is important that new officers understand what will be expected of them in their new roles. Outgoing officers should meet with the person before they run for the position to understand the aspects of the position. Then, right after the election, they could meet again to discuss nuances of the position, as well as further insight from the outgoing officer that would be more pertinent now that the new officer is elected.

  • New Executive Board/Old Executive Board meets at least once.

This type of meeting can be hugely helpful for a new executive board to understand how an executive board meeting should run, as well as the types of issues that should be addressed in these types meetings. The functions of this group are very important to the functions of the entire organization, and because of that, they need to know how to effectively work together.

  • Constitution should include very specific officer duties. This allows for less ambiguity during transition.

The more specificity in governing documents, the less confusion there will be about what the duties of the officers are. With less confusion about roles when coming into positions, the new officers can immediately begin fulfilling their duties rather than questioning what those duties may be