Designing Effective Flyers

Helpful Hints for Effective Flyers

*Student Organizations can contact Publications (; x4129) or Advertising and Public Relations Club ( for a free poster design.

Typeface Tips

  • One or two typefaces are optimal. Three is acceptable. Four is too busy!
  • If you are using two or three typefaces, use one sans serif and one serif.
    • This is a sans serif typeface (note the absence of the things on the ends of the lines on each letter).
    • This is a serif typeface (note the presence of the little lines on the end of each letter).
  • Novelty fonts are good for large type, but in small doses. Don’t put all the text on a page in something like Algerian or Copperplate Gothic.
  • WRITING IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS IS DIFFICULT TO READ. Lowercase letters are easier to read at a glance.

Additional Design Tips

  • Your flyer needs a dominant element. The most important thing should be significantly bigger or set apart from everything else.
  • Use Contrasts:
    • Simple and complex
    • Large and small
    • Light and dark
    • Heavy and light
    • Horizontal and vertical
  • Never, never underline all of your text; it is difficult to read and distracts from the purpose of the flyer.
  • Look around campus at other flyers and posters to see what catches your attention and what is easy to read. Likewise, notice posters that are unorganized and difficult to read.
  • Always say it in fewer words. The more words on the poster, the less the viewer will read and retain.
  • For every inch tall your text is, people can read it from 10 feet away (i.e. 2 inch tall text can be read from 20 feet, 3 inch from 30 feet, etc.). Make it big!
  • Avoid cheesy clipart.
  • Avoid busy, horrible, ugly borders. A line can be nice, but 100 ice cream cones around the edge of the page becomes too busy.
  • Do NOT steal copyrighted images off the Internet. Stick to what you are given by the event agent, organization logo, etc.
  • Experiment! Try fonts besides Times New Roman. Add some lines or shapes. Make letters go at a diagonal. Be creative and original!
  • Do not use multiple exclamation points or question marks!!!!!!!!!!!