Having trouble keeping members motivated?

  • Begins with leaders

It is impossible for members to be motivated if the leaders who represent them do not show enthusiasm about things that are happening within the organization. When the leaders are motivated and willing to work, the members will be in turn.

  • Get all members involved in decisions making/event planning.

To assist in member motivation, it is important to get all members of the organization involved; to make them feel like they have stock in the organization. Let all members in on decision-making whenever possible. Also, spread out the planning of events to different members. This creates an environment where everyone is invested in the happenings of the organization.

  • Create a relaxed environment

Many organizations can easily become bogged down in the logistics of maintaining themselves, which can seem monotonous. Being in a student organization can also become stressful at times, especially when tensions rise among members. As a leader, it is important to know when you must be more serious or formal, and when it is acceptable to relax yourself and the rest of the organization. Identify when stressful times are for your members such as recruitment, campus-wide events, or long business meetings. That is when leaders must calm the tension that comes with those events by remaining calm themselves. Reassure your members that you can succeed, and that problems can be fixed.