Objective of Phase: Group formally expresses interest in establishing an organization and completes the informational application to begin the Student Organization Chartering Process. Information gathered for the Organizational Development Team regarding student leadership and contact information assists and supports forward movement toward full charter status.

Required documentation and activities:

● Completed application form available here. All fields are required. Groups submitting incomplete application forms will be asked to provide any missing information prior to advancing on to provisional status.

o Information needed for the application process includes:

● Organization Name

● Purpose of the Organization

● Name and contact information for two primary leadership roles

● List of at least three student founding members

● Organization advisor name and contact information

● Signify that applicant has reviewed Chartering Policies and Standards.

Support/Resources available:

● Members of the Organizational Development Team are available for consultation as needed.

Application Review Process Notes:

● Union & Involvement Staff will review applications on a rolling basis.

● Primary leaders and the applicant for the group will receive written notification that their application has been received and the group has been granted provisional status.

● A member of the Organizational Development Team will be assigned as a liaison to assist the group through the remainder of the process.

Special note: Proposed organizations in which the primary purpose or core activity represents a violation of law or University policy will not be permitted to proceed (example: an underage alcoholic beverage drinking club).