Objective of Phase: To provide newly formed organizations full benefits and rights as a Recognized Student Organization

Benefits/Rights associated with Full Charter Organizations who maintain ‘good standing:

● Access to campus reservations

     ○ Basic space usage is free to student organizations

 Additional services and requests may come with additional costs

● Access to U&I copier

● Access to U&I mailbox

● Ability to recruit Truman State University students as members

● Access to publicity according to University policies

    ○ Digital signage, Sidewalk, Posters and bulletin boards

● Eligibility to request FAC appropriations based on FAC by-laws.

● Placement on official list of RSOs

● Participate in services or events in university facilities that are announced as open to all recognized student organizations (e.g. Homecoming)

● Access to website and organizational e-mail account

● Eligibility for awards or honors presented to student organizations and their members

● Access to Activities Fair registration

Full Charter Completion Results

● Once all signatures have been gathered, the charter document is presented to the newly Recognized Student Organization along with information about how to access resources and support when needed from Union and Involvement Services.

    ○ Organization will receive an official, fully signed copy of their charter.

● U&I will publicly recognize newly formed organization at the end of the Fall and Spring semesters to the campus community through a variety of methods such as social media announcement, Truman Today ad, etc.

● Organizational information is added to the U&I website.

Additional Resources available:

● Access to U&I Organization Development team for support and guidance

● Quick guide to organizational requirements to maintain RSO in good standing, Active Status with U&I