Status & Standing Guide

Provisional Status – Student organization is participating in the RSO Chartering Process. The group is working on foundational documents and activities and progressing toward full charter. This status includes most of the rights/benefits of a fully chartered RSO.

Active Status – Student organization is a fully chartered Recognized Student Organization and enjoys the full rights/benefits of an RSO. Once fully recognized, RSOs are responsible for maintaining updated information, rosters, and other records with U&I (see RSO standing below.)

RSO Standing – Defines the status of an RSO, based on the level of compliance with required information and actions. RSO standing is defined as follows:

       ○ Good Standing: RSOs have submitted all required compliance documents. Compliance documents must be updated annually unless otherwise stated, and include the following:

■ Annual Recognition Agreement

■ Information Form (Change of Information if leadership changes occur)

■ Roster (due fall and spring semester)

■ Advisor Agreement

■ Other factors related to good standing:

● Financial obligations with the University, if applicable, are regularly paid in a timely fashion.

● RSO Advisors attend required Organizational Compliance Training on annual basis. If advisor fails to attend annually, the organization will need to identify a new advisor.

● Organization is not currently under investigation, facing allegations/charges, or under sanction(s) related to violations of the Student Code of Conduct and/or University policies enforced by the Institutional Compliance Office.

      ○ Bad Standing: If an organization falls into bad standing, U&I will suspend the rights/benefits of the RSO (i.e. space reservation, listing on website, etc.) until bad standing is remedied. A RSO falls into bad standing when they fail to submit any of the required compliance documents as identified above, within the designated schedule. Upon completion of all required outstanding items, the organization will promptly be placed back in ‘Good Standing’ with full RSO rights/benefits restored.

■ Other factors that may contribute to bad standing:

● Failure to honor financial obligations to the University (i.e. paying any outstanding balances, if applicable, in a timely manner – within 90 Days.)

● If an organization no longer has a campus advisor, the RSO may be placed into bad standing until someone has been identified and has complied with training requirements.

● Organization is currently under investigation, facing allegations/charges, or completing assigned sanction(s) related to violations of the Student Code of Conduct and/or University policies enforced by the Institutional Compliance Office.

Inactive Status – An RSO that has been in “Bad Standing” for two consecutive semesters.

    ○ Organization contacts and advisor will receive written notification of current standing and shall have an opportunity to remedy their standing prior to “Inactive Standing” being implemented.

    ○ Organizational rights are suspended (including removal of the organization from the U&I website) until such time that U&I receives an application to re-establish the RSO through the Student Organization Chartering Process.