Need help running meetings or making agendas?

  • Run meetings the same every time (Time, order, and manner).

Try to schedule member meetings for the same time and place every time you have them. It is easier for members to remember, and less of a hassle that switching meetings around unnecessarily. Creating a consistent meeting style makes meetings more efficiently, as well as easier to manage. If the members know what to expect, as well as what is expected of them, there will be less confusion during meetings.

  • If you use Parliamentary Procedure, educate the members as well as the Eboard.

This relates to the last point. Not all organizations need to use parliamentary procedure for their meetings. If you are unsure whether your organization needs to use this more structured approach, here are some things to consider when making that decision:

  • Number of members: Larger groups are generally harder to manage without some form of predetermined structure.
  • lot of formal business (amendments, motions, etc.). Therefore, you may not need the structure of parliamentary procedure. However, if you find that your meetings are hard to run because of member conduct, you have a lot of disagreement within members, or need to conduct a lot of changes to documents; it may be helpful to consider using some form of parliamentary procedure.