Organization Statuses

Active Organizations

In order for Active Organizations to remain in “Good Standing” with the U&I, each Organization President must complete the following:

If these requirements are not fulfilled, the organization will be considered in “Bad Standing”.

When an organization is in “Bad Standing” they will not:

  • have organizational information listed on the U&I Website
  • have an organization mailbox
  • have the ability to post flyers, chalk or otherwise publicize their events on campus
  • be permitted to reserve rooms on campus
  • be permitted to rent equipment through the U&I
  • be able to receive funds from the Funds Allotment Council and other campus funding sources
  • have access to copier/charging capabilities with the U&I

Inactive Organizations

If an entire organization’s membership graduates, it will be assumed by the U&I that the organization will no longer remain active on campus. Therefore, the organization will be considered “Inactive” by the U&I.

If organizations are in “Bad Standing” for 2 consecutive semesters, they will be considered “Inactive”. If an organization wishes to reactivate, the group must complete all steps of starting a new organization.

If an organization becomes “Inactive” it is not recognized by the University, and it is not granted access to the resources/privileges that come with University recognition.

In addition to the basic requirements set forth by the U&I, all students/student organizations are expected to abide by and uphold the Student Code of Conduct. Student Organizations that violate regulations set forth in the Student Organizational Code of Conduct will be held responsible for its actions which may result in sanctions with the University.

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