Student Involvement Complex

Student Involvement Complex

The Complex is an open area located in the lower floor of the SUB available for all students to use. Within the complex you will find two computer work stations, organizational mailboxes as well as a large open space featuring a conference like set up with moveable tables and chairs to accommodate most functions.

The CSI observes a no reservations accepted policy; therefore, the meeting space is available on a first come, first serve basis. With a capacity of over 100, the opportunities for the space are limitless! We invite you to come and take advantage of the resources and space the Complex has to offer.

In addition to CSI, the Complex also features the offices of several student organizations listed below:

The SERVE Center acts as liaison between the Truman State University campus and the Kirksville community by matching volunteer interests with appropriate agencies in the community. The student staff help provide students with out of classroom service opportunities which enhance their liberal arts education by providing real world experiences, aiding in leadership and personal skills and social responsibility.


The Women’s Resource Center (WRC) is to promote the awareness and understanding of women’s and gender issues at Truman State University, and in the surrounding community. Congruent with the University’s liberal arts mission, the WRC works to broaden the minds and better the lives of students, faculty, and staff, by providing programs, services, and resources that meet the relevant and changing needs of the community.


  • Fee Based Organizations Each year students pay approximately $82 to support the University Activity Fee. This money is directly applied to three fee-based organizations whose primary responsibilities are to provide a voice for the entire student body. Each organization is appropriated a different portion of the Activity Fee.


    The Funds Allotment Council (FAC) is an independent council of Student Senate. The Council strives to provide educational and entertainment opportunities for students by financially subsidizing activities organized and sponsored by campus organizations. Chartered student organizations planning speakers, conferences, concerts, or other events are eligible to apply for funding. The Council also provides funding to chartered organizations competing in intercollegiate activities.


    The Student Activities Board (SAB) is a group of 35 students who are dedicated to providing quality entertainment for Truman State University, while enhancing the University experience. Activities, which are funded by the student activities fee, include concerts, movies, comedians, entertainers, and local talent performances.


    The Truman State University Student Government is the official elected governing body of the Student Association and exists to represent the present and long-term interests of the Student Association. Primary elections are held in each spring for all major positions; however, a second election is held each fall for all remaining positions. The Student Government operates four standing committees, including Academic Affairs, Student Affairs (which includes the Diversity Committee), External Affairs, and Environmental Affairs.


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