Starting a New Student Organization

Interested in starting a new organization?

Interested parties will complete the Student Organization Chartering Process in order to start their Recognized Student Organization.

The process has recently been updated and redesigned to: 

  • Ensure objective decision making in regard to granting organizational charters
  • Enhance the inclusiveness and diversity of opportunities available to students 
  • Safeguard the first amendment rights of all students, specifically in regard to speech and association/assembly. 

The chartering process is managed by the Organization Development Team, made up of student employees of Union & Involvement Services. The team is trained on the chartering process in addition to a wide array of resources available to support the effective operation and provide quality experiences for members of student organizations. 

The four-phase chartering process (the first phase is voluntary) is self-paced and intended to move students from the point of initiating a new organization to receiving full charter status as quickly and easily as possible. 


Students interested in starting a new new organization can contact our office at or stop by in SUB 2000 to be notified when the new process launches!

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