Starting a New Organization

Interested parties will complete the Student Organization Chartering Process in order to start their Recognized Student Organization.

The process has recently been updated and redesigned to:

  • Ensure objective decision making in regard to granting organizational charters
  • Enhance the inclusiveness and diversity of opportunities available to students
  • Safeguard the first amendment rights of all students, specifically in regard to speech and association/assembly.

The chartering process is managed by the Organization Development Team, made up of student employees of Union & Involvement Services. The team is trained on the chartering process in addition to a wide array of resources available to support the effective operation and provide quality experiences for members of student organizations.

The Four-Phase Chartering Process is self-paced and intended to move students from the point of initiating a new organization to receiving full charter status as quickly and easily as possible.

Phase 1: Information Meeting (voluntary)

The objective of this phase is to (a) provide potential applicants with information about the process, (b) answer questions and inform attendees on basic Chartering Policies and Standards, and (c) introduce staff and resources from Union and Involvement Services.

Phase 2: Application

The objective of this phase is to formally express interest in establishing an organization. This begins the Student Organization Chartering Process. An informational application is completed for the Organizational Development Team, who assists and supports forward movement toward Full Charter Status. application form

Phase 3: Provisional Status

The objective of this phase is to provide newly accepted organizations an opportunity to develop formal guiding documents, operational strategies and procedures; and also become familiar with University policies, standards, and processes related to RSOs.

Phase 4: Full Charter

The objective of this phase is to provide newly formed organizations full benefits and rights as a Recognized Student Organization.


Guides and Policies

Status and Standing Guide

Questions to Consider Before Chartering

Here are some questions to think about before signing up:

  • How committed am I to starting and maintaining an organization?
    • Do I have the time and energy to start and maintain an organization (i.e. publicity, finances, group dynamics, and recruitment)?
  • How does this group enhance the life and learning of our campus
  • What do I want the organization to do? What would the mission/purpose of the group be?
  • Would this organization be affiliated with a national organization/chapter and if so would we be able to meet their minimum operation requirements consistently?
  • Is there already a group on campus that I can join that accomplishes my goals? (check our list)
  • If there isn’t an organization, what would be required to foster the growth and purpose of this organization?
  • How would we garner the necessary resources to support these activities?
  • Why would Truman students want to be part of this organization?
  • Have I considered and planned for the five types of risk (physical, emotional, financial, reputational, facility) that my organization would encounter or create?