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If you would like more training regarding your responsibilities as an advisor, please contact Union & Involvement Services at (660) 785-4222.  

Questions to Ask Your Organization

Advising a student organization is a commitment. We strongly advise potential advisors to meet and openly discuss expectations and responsibilities before becoming the official advisor of record. It is important that you and the organization are a good fit. Some questions to consider asking the organization prior to making a commitment are:

Time Commitment
How much involvement is needed or expected?
Do you expect for me to be at every meeting and/or event?
Are there leadership/executive meetings separate from general meetings?

How often does the group meet?
How many events, outside of general meetings, does the group sponsor?
What assistance from me will you need in executing meetings and events?

Group Dynamics/General Information
How has the organization been in regards to meeting deadlines?
What are the strengths of the organization?
What are some of the challenges currently facing the organization?
What is the process for me getting “approved” by the organization to be its advisor?
Can I see a copy of the organization’s constitution?

Student Leadership
How experienced are the student leaders?
What is the transition like for student leaders?
When do you hold elections?
What will our process be if I have serious concerns or we disagree?
What goals does the organization have set for this year?
How we will communicate (i.e. meet separately, email, phone)?

Advising Style
How do my skills and personalities match what you are looking for?
What are ways that I can be helpful to the organization?
What expectations do you have for an advisor?
What role do you want me to play during a meeting? Should I contribute to conversation or remain silent?
Is there more than one advisor (i.e. team advising) or am I the only advisor?
Am I expected to give feedback? If so, How? When?
What can I do to support the organization?

How are the organization’s finances?
Does the organization have a habit of financial responsibility?
How often would I need to sign financial paperwork?
How often will you update me on organizational spending and account balances?

Does the organization have a history of conduct issues?
Are there risky events, programs or practices that the organization is currently practicing?