Advisor Resources

For Advisors

On behalf of Union & Involvement Services, the staff would like to extend it’s deepest thanks for volunteering your time to work with our student organizations. We know and understand that advising a student organization is not always easy, but our hope is that your work with our student organizations is rewarding. For you convenience, we have provided some helpful links to assist you in advising your particular student organization. If you need any assistance or have questions regarding U&I policies and procedures, please contact U&I staff via email at or by phone at 660-785-4222.

If you are interested in being an advisor, please complete the Advisor Interest Form.

An advisor IS a:

  • Truman State University faculty or staff member
  • Resource for students
  • Mentor, role model and problem solver
  • System of support for the organization and advocates for its members

An advisor IS NOT:

  • The leader of the organization
  • A Know It All – it’s good for the students to be challenged to make their own decisions
  • The person to tell the group what to do
  • The person to do the work of the executive board
  • The reason the organization exists

Resources Available to You: